SystemOPTIMIZER is a high-performance clean up and optimization tool that effectively helps keep your PC running fast and smooth.










  • A multi-functional system performance & optimization suite
  • Fine-tune your PC with just a single click
  • Protects, updates and optimizes your PC effectively
  • Removes unwanted clutter and protects your privacy
  • Optimizes hard disk for better performance
  • Optimizes your PC for a faster gaming experience
  • Updates outdated drivers
  • Recovers accidently deleted data and files
  • Effective features with an easy-to-use interface

SystemOPTIMIZER is a high-performance clean up and optimization tool that effectively keeps your PC running fast and smooth.

Over time your PC gets slower and slower as there are numerous things that slow down your PC. Junk files, cluttered registries, fragmented disks, outdated drivers, malicious threats, malware, spyware, unwanted applications, low disk-space, low memory, too many startup programs, and other factors can cause a number of issues including low speed, frustratingly long boot-up, decreased performance, PC crashes and shorter PC life.

SystemOPTIMIZER provides automated, all-in-one solution for your PC. The most comprehensive, powerful and smartest SystemOPTIMIZER includes Smart PC Care to clean your PC just in a single click, Disk Optimizer to optimize your hard disk, Game Optimizer for faster gaming experience, Driver Updater to update outdated drivers, Undelete to recover accidently deleted data and files and many more tools to make your PC experience a whole lot better.

Manage routine tasks, detect and fix
PC problems, and keep your PC
secured, clean and running fast with

User Testimonials

"This is a stable and easy to use System Optimizer that contains some nice modules."

Michael K. (Denmark)

"UTILILAB SystemOPTIMIZER is a very comprehensive collection of useful utilities, that certainly worked well on my system."

Paddy B. (Ireland)

"Many people (just like me) are not entirely familiar with the procedures of maintenance that must be performed in order to service computer systems properly, and most system technicians will agree that the necessary tools are not included in the operating system. UTILILAB SystemOPTIMIZER is a complete collection of all the necessary tools to keep your system running smoothly, speedily, and error free. If you use UTILILAB SystemOPTIMIZER regularly, will be amazed at the performance of your computer. :-)"

Kevin L. (USA)