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August 30, 2013 UTILILAB.COM releases final website for UTILILAB SystemOPTIMIZER

August 2, 2013 UTILILAB.COM publishes beta-stage website

June 30, 2013 UTILILAB.COM releases UTILILAB SystemOPTIMIZER final

June 16, 2013 UTILILAB.COM releases new DriverUPDATER

May 29, 2013 UTILILAB.COM releases beta version of UTILILAB SystemOPTIMIZER

June 17, 2011 UTILILAB.COM releases RegistryCLEANER & DriverUPDATER finals

June 16, 2011 UTILILAB.COM starts cleverbridge shop

June 15, 2011 UTILILAB.COM publishes website design & content

June 2, 2011 UTILILAB.COM releases 2nd beta versions

Jan 12, 2011 UTILILAB.COM releases betas of RegistryCLEANER & DriverUPDATER

Dec 23, 2010 UTILILAB.COM starts beta-tester sign-up

Nov 23, 2010 UTILILAB.COM publishes beta-stage website

Nov 22, 2010 win.rar GmbH starts UTILILAB GmbH

User Testimonials

"I am impressed with these two programs."

Hugo L (Belize)

"I must say - for apps they are working very well - especially DriverUPDATER has impressed me - these apps are going to be a hit :)"

Morgens S. (South Jutland, Denmark)

"Before using your RegistryCLEANER, I ran CC Cleaner in the registry mode, Glary Utilities, Wise RegistryCLEANER, Auslogics RegistryCLEANER, Genuine Registry Doctor, and RegistryCLEANER Free in succession. After they were finished and all had claimed to have cleaned my registry, I ran your product. It found 4,109 errors. I went through each and every one of the errors in the details and satisfied myself that they actually were errors. I ran repair and removed them two days ago and have suffered no ill effects or loss of functionality. In other words, your product actually cleaned my registry while the others were programmed to not even detect the errors."

Robert W. (Southfield, Michigan, USA)